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Improve Customer Experience and increase Customer Loyalty with our CRM Services

CRMs have evolved from being a simple system of records containing customer data to highly smart, adaptive, mobile and social platforms that enterprises could take advantage of. Enterprises realize that there is a goldmine of customer information that is residing within CRMs and these information nuggets could be used to improve customer experience and customer loyalty while improving the productivity of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support teams.

Our CRM enables enterprises to improve customer experience leveraging Business Intelligence, Field Services, Social Collaboration and Social Analytics features. It enables you to streamline your business functions and increase profitability in Sales, Marketing, Social, Customer Care and Field Service divisions.

The benefits of CRM

Centrally stored data makes company procedures more effective. Addresses, tasks, projects and appointments are all at your fingertips. You can update the data at any time and all users can see it. CRM Services are identical with Data Centre Cleaning & Server Room Cleaning. We have the finest professionals for the job. All staff are very responsive and have undergone thorough training in the cleaning of data centers.

We Cover All Your CRM Needs

At AXN Solutions, we have what is needed to develop CRM tools and put them to use in complex customer environments. AXN Solutions places heavy importance on training services to assist you and if you have a problem, we want to be there to help. Our technical help services stand by to assist you with a quick answer or to walk you through a more challenging task.

Managing documents

Quotes, agreements, newsletters or emails – all employees can use the stored document templates to present a professional corporate image to the client. The CRM lets you create and manage various documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.). Employees have access to current documents, which are centrally maintained and can be accessed by anyone at any time.


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